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15th Affair Womens Murder Club By James Patterson

Lindsay Boxer has a beautiful little daughter and a husband whom she loves without limit. She had always been too focused on her career as a police detective in San Francisco to persist in asking how bliss would feel at home, after all, now she knows, and she was never happier. She can not embody that a brutal murder in a luxury hotel and the departure of a beautiful blonde woman from the scene could have something to do with her own life and marriage – nevertheless, both unravel quickly and Lindsay cannot ignore disturbing clues that are very close to home.

As bombs go off in their personal lives, an explosive tragedy shakes San Francisco and plunges the city into chaos. As Lindsay is strained to investigate a criminal conspiracy that extends around the globe, she finds herself again on explanations leading to her own front door. When she gets into a spin and fights against powerful enemies who spit on her workers and hide the truth at all costs, Lindsay turns to the Women’s Murder Club for help as she defaitistically searches for the elusive and deadly blonde before she finds Joe loses forever.

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