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Advances In Biometrics Sensors Algorithms And Systems

From the back cover

Biometrics technology continues to advance with its wider acceptance and a real need for various new security aspects of modern society. From logging in to a laptop or crossing borders in one country, biometrics is required to meet the growing challenges of identity management.

With science and industry contributions from leading international agencies in the field, this unique book offers a comprehensive biometric approach covering the entire subject area, including data collection, pattern matching algorithms, and biometrics-related topics. Systems, Security, Networks, and databases. It has been articulated in three sections sensors, advances in biometric matching algorithms, and topics that address system-level problems.

Recent advances in biometrics include new developments in sensors, modalities, and algorithms. As new sensors are developed, the algorithms present newer challenges for accurate detection. This volume, written for researchers, advanced students and practitioners to use as a handbook, contains the latest research contributions from leading international state-of-the-art researchers. It covers the entire subject area, including sensors, data collection, pattern matching algorithms, and system-level problems, such as Standards, security, networks, and databases

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