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Conquest Book 1 The Chronicles Of The Invaders

“A beautiful book … one that you should not miss!”

(The Guardian): This mesmerizing novel, the first in a stunning sci-fi trilogy, introduces a world where young rebels must liberate their forces to save humanity from a powerful foreign rule.

The Illyri have invaded the Earth – a beautiful, civilized and reckless alien species.

In contrast, humanity has not given up the fight, and Paul Kerr belongs to a new generation of young resistance fighters who are at war with the invaders.

Syl Hellais is the first Illyri born on earth. Trapped in the crossroads of her father’s stronghold, hated by people, she yearns to flee. But on her sixteenth birthday, her life will change forever. Syl becomes an outcast, an enemy of her people because he dares to save a man’s life, Paul Kerr. Now together they have a chance, not, however, to bring each other back instead of the planet they both titled at home

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