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Economics Of Development

There are many discussions about global poverty and the billions of people who live with almost nothing. Why can governments, development banks, think tanks, academics, NGOs and others not solve the problem nonetheless? Why is it that obvious reforms never take place instead?

Why are wealth and justice so elusive?

Economic Development: What You Need to Know® instantly puts readers in the forefront of economic development to showcase what practitioners are actually doing and explains the problems, dilemmas, options, frustrations, and opportunities they face every day. Marcelo M. Giugale outlines in clear language and a question-and-answer format the initiation of developmental practice, or, as he puts it, “… the point at which knowledge ceases and ignorance begins.” He reminds readers how it is so difficult to make governments work, the basic policies that economies need to work well with the powerful new tools for social welfare and the challenges of integration, education, health, infrastructure, Technology, data, and foreign aid.

The book draws examples from all over the world, but it devotes more than any alternative special attention to the region that represents development and Africa: Africa.

Giugale does not give definitive, universal counterfeits They do not actually exist but rather emphasize what works, what is not and what is worthwhile. Nonetheless, his overall message is clear: Economic development and the related fight against poverty has never been possible for more countries.

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