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Swings at Birches Park Update

Due to a delay in swing components of 8 to 10 months, HRM replaced our 4 swing set with an interim 2 set swing set that HRM had in inventory. HRM will add the other 2 swings when components are available. PEHRA welcomes feedback concerning the community. Thank you for your input and support.

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New Website Launch

We are relaunching our website today. We must give a million thanks to our outgoing Website administrator, Brian Weatherbee, who has moved out to the valley and was ready to pass the torch to a new volunteer. My name is MacKenzie and I moved to Portland Estates last summer, and saw this notice on the message board a few months ago, and the rest is history! Our old domain expired and was lost many years ago, but we have reregistered it and will be moving our website over to this new domain over the coming days and weeks. Feedback greatly welcomed and watch this space 😀.

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