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Trails Team improving the Bell Brook trail

Thanks to those of you who could join us today (Byron Macdonald, Don Dennis, Dana McLellan, Melissa Perotta, and Hugh Millward). We cleared woody growth along the northern half of the trail, and also cut back some perennial weeds in the sunnier spots (particularly the entrances either side of the upper portion of Bellbrook Crescent). Byron's zeal led us to clear two fairly large fallen trees that were partially blocking the trail. The trail is very pleasant and is now easier to walk, but beware of tree roots and boulders.

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Movie In The Park Announcement

Join us for PEHRA's Movie in the Park, presented by Pop Up Cinema. Saturday September 24th 2022. Movie starts at dusk. FREE ADMISSION! Bring your own law chair or blanket, purchase snacks from the food truck. Location: Birches Park Field in Portland Estates. Thank you to our event sponsor, Steele Mazda @steele_mazda.

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Swings at Birches Park Update

Due to a delay in swing components of 8 to 10 months, HRM replaced our 4 swing set with an interim 2 set swing set that HRM had in inventory. HRM will add the other 2 swings when components are available. PEHRA welcomes feedback concerning the community. Thank you for your input and support.

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